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How you can Win Your Pike County Small Claims Case

By: Small Claims Court

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Most Pike County Superior court cases can take 1-2 years before they are resolved. The operation is expensive as well as in our thoughts, without an attorney representing your lawful interest, you have small chance of winning your case.

However, Small Claims Court is an extremely cost-effective and time saving choice to resolve your legal challenge. An adequately dealt with Small Claims case could be carried out 30-40 days.

Do you really need a lawyer that will help you together with your dispute?

Many people who get in touch with us are not aware of the truth that in Pike County, an individual can prosecute in Small Claims for approximately $7,500. Most companies and corporations are limited to an amount of up to Dollar5,000. Both individuals and firms are restricted to filing 2 Small Claims cases every year for Dollar2,500 or even more. Because of the buck amounts and, the short period of time it takes to file a case, Small Claims court could make a lot of feeling to Pike County customers. You probably do not need a lawyer if the need for your Case drops in this range.

Where would you begin? What are the actions you need to take to file your Small Claims Case?

The Pike County small claims court provides and excellent brochure explaining every detail and actions you need to take to earn your Small Claims Case. We have incorporated a simple entry connect to this pamphlet and recommend that you read this info very carefully to give your self the most effective possibility of winning in Small Claims court.

Small Claims Court And Preparing For Trial Low Low.. Excellent Video About Small Claims Court

Common Cases

  • Back rent
  • Return of security deposit
  • Rroken or damaged property
  • Unpaid claims
  • Breach of a written or verbal contract
  • Doctor/hospital bills for medical treatment
  • Claims valued up to $5,000.00.

More Common Small Claims Cases.

Services Overview

The Pike County Small Claims Court has a clerk who can assist you with the procedures for bringing your lawsuit. In those Town or Village Courts that do not have clerks, the judge may assist you. When this guide mentions the clerk, and the court you are using does not have a clerk, you should seek the assistance of the judge.
Useful information on Judgements, Opening a case, Debt Collections/Collection, Docket, Agencies and Attorney Resources.

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To file a claim now or get advice with debt collections, please contact the Pike County small claims department using the contact information supplied below.